Purevpn review

VPN service “PureVPN”, in addition to receiving secure and anonymous access to blocked Internet resources, will be of particular interest to customers who plan to transfer their business processes to the Internet and need reliable and confidential data network.

The company is registered in Hong Kong and declares the complete absence of any statistics on the work of clients and the maximum resistance to regulatory and law enforcement agencies. From a legislative point of view, Panama Islands is certainly preferable, but Hong Kong is one of the world’s largest offshore financial centers, so you can hope to maintain confidentiality.

Main features

In addition to the VPN access itself, PureVPN provides a number of interesting and useful services for users, which will be discussed below.

Self-developed client software

Self-developed client software simplifies connection to the service, and also contains additional useful features. PureVPN provides software for the following platforms:





Detailed instructions

Sometimes, detailed instructions are crucial when choosing a VPN service. In “PureVPN” carefully approached this issue, and wrote instructions for all occasions. More than 20 different devices and platforms are already described with instructions for connecting, sometimes in video format, sometimes text with screenshots. The downside is – all instructions are in English, but nevertheless, everything is very accessible and understandable.

Number of simultaneous connections

You can often find a limitation on VPN services, which prohibits using a VPN service for more than one device at the same time. But you want to connect and phone, and a computer and other devices. “PureVPN” in this matter is very loyal, they allow up to 5 simultaneous connections.

Split Tunneling

Innovative “feature” from “PureVPN” – the ability to split traffic across two different connections. For example, all traffic from the Chrome browser can be started up via VPN, when all other traffic will go through the provider, as before. It is worth mentioning that the function works in a limited mode, and only in the Windows client.

Setup on routers

You can set up your router to work with “PureVPN” in a few minutes, and start working on the Internet without any blocking, censorship and with the maximum anonymity preserved. Configuring routers in detail in the knowledge base, but unfortunately only in English.

Automatic protocol selection

For less technically savvy users, PureVPN has implemented an automatic protocol selection feature. There is a whole category of users for whom anonymity is not so important as geographical location. This feature works only available in the Windows client.

Protection against work on the Internet without VPN (Internet kill switch)

Whenever connecting to the Internet, the user must additionally connect to the VPN. It so happens that they forget to do it. “PureVPN” took care of this, in the Windows client, there is a special setting that does not allow to work on the Internet without a VPN connection. Unfortunately, this feature can be used only in the Windows client.

Dedicated IP Address

You can get a dedicated IP on any PureVPN server in any country to support applications and services that work only through fixed IP: Online banking; Remote video surveillance; IP telephony; Secure Remote Access, Database Servers (Data Base Server Security) and FTP (Secure FTP Access), etc. Two factor authentication is supported.

Nat Firewall

Connecting via a VPN network ensures the confidentiality of work on the Internet, but does not guarantee the absence of viruses and cyber attacks. NAT Firewall “PureVPN” provides additional protection against malicious incoming traffic:

Proactive protection against cyber threats. Normal antivirus finds only those viruses that have already been introduced and work in the system. NAT Firewall is proactive and immediately blocks suspicious traffic and requests.

Protection of dedicated IP addresses. All dedicated IP addresses on the PureVPN network are protected from viruses and cannot be used by hackers, for example, to send anonymous spam.

Router support. Virtually any router can be configured to use a NAT firewall. The list of compatible equipment is constantly expanding.


The company provides more than 500 servers in 141 countries for secure and high-speed VPN access. Even exotic countries like Laos and Tunisia are supported.

All servers support encryption according to the AES-256 standard, which ensures reliable protection of the transmitted data from unauthorized access. Declared uninterrupted network performance at the level of 99.99%.

Tariff Plans

All PureVPN tariff plans support the same set of features. Plans differ only in period. Here is a list of the main functions included in all tariff plans:

100% anonymity and security

Free apps for Windows, Android, MacOS, IOS

Connect up to 5 devices at the same time

500+ servers in 141 countries

80000+ IP Addresses


Wi-Fi Security

DNS leak protection

Protection against work on the Internet, without VPN connection

Unlimited traffic

Unlimited number of server switches

Money back (very important!)

A very important point in this review is to mention the refund mechanism. “PureVPN” declares a 100% refund, but not so long ago, one of our users complained that they did not return his payment. In fact, PureVPN will return the money if the following conditions are met:

It has been less than 7 days from the date of payment

Your account was not blocked for violating the rules of service

You used no more than 3GB of traffic or connected no more than 100 times during the use of the service

You have not previously requested a refund.

The payment system of which you paid the bill supports returns.

The last point is especially important for users of the CIS, since popular payment systems: Webmoney, Qiwi, YandexMoney, Bitcoin, Ukash – belong to non-refundable systems.

It is easier to say about those payment systems that support returns: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Discover, American Express. Look for the actual list, on the help page of “PureVPN” and carefully read the return policy, as the rules often change.


The PureVPN service offers a lot of useful additional services, unlike most VPN providers, which are limited to simply unblocking sites.


A large network of servers and a fairly good speed even through such “exotic” as Vietnam

A wide range of supported hardware and operating systems. Good support for Smart-TV gaming and TV set-top boxes is quite rare among VPN services.

Settings for routers and routers.

Dedicated IP Addresses


There is no support for the Russian language including. and Russian-speaking support managers

There is no test period for preliminary assessment of the quality of services.

Terms of refund practically make it impossible.

DoubleVPN and QuadroVPN VPN chains are not supported for additional privacy, although this cannot be considered a significant drawback.