TunnelBear – my choice of VPN for Mac

What is VPN?

VPN is a reliable way to secure work from the network through public Wi-Fi. Let me explain with my fingers: with the help of a small program, you connect to a server in another country and this server already opens sites, downloads files, and the like. If the server is in Zurich, then the “Internet” will be sure that you are physically in Zurich. The main thing – your connection with the server is encrypted. Provider, boss and other users will see only digital porridge.

TunnelBear for Mac

Now on the VPN market is a huge number of free services and services with an “eternal” subscription for a penny. Such services earn money from selling your personal data to advertisers and the devil still knows who. And you need to be very naive to not believe in it.

Privacy and security is a delicate matter, so you need to choose a VPN service as a doctor: with experience and a positive reputation.

I used to use the services of American encrypt.me (formerly Cloak), but in 2015 I moved to TunnelBear, developed in Canada. These guys do not collect and do not store the history of your Internet activity and annually invite an external auditor to verify the security of their infrastructure source code as evidence. If interested, read their privacy policy.

A monthly subscription to TunnelBear costs $ 9.99, but it’s more profitable to immediately buy a $ 50 annual fee. Both subscriptions have no installation restrictions, but you can use five simultaneous connections from different devices at the same time. I use TunnelBear on seven computers and phones, of which almost four are constantly connected to the VPN.

By the way, besides macOS and iOS, the “bear” supports Windows and Android.

Connection speed

The speed in TunnelBear makes me happy the most. Subjectively, I do not distinguish the difference in speed with and without VPN. Therefore, I decided to make measurements.

Speed measured on a wired connection of 1 Gigabit, access point Xiaomi MI WiFi Wireless Router 4. First, I tested the speed with Kiev, Amsterdam and Frankfurt without VPN. Then with the same servers through a VPN server in Germany.

Of course, VPM speed cut, but the minimum download speed did not fall below 379 megabits. It’s about 30 MB per second. I have more than enough 🙂

In fact, in real life, I use not a wired connection, but WiFi. The real speed that gives Xiaomi MI WiFi Wireless Router 4 ranges from 200-320 megabits. Therefore, I do not feel any difference when you turn on the VPN.

Perhaps the connection speed varies from server to server. If in the TunnelBear setting you select automatic server selection, then it will search for the fastest one by Ping, but not download speed. If you want to squeeze the maximum out of speed, then you should manually find the server with which the Internet from your location will be the fastest. I have this Germany.

How to use TunnelBear on Mac

To master the VPN, do not even need to try. The process is reduced to pressing the ON / OFF button in a special client. I’ll tell you more: turning on TunnelBear once, you can forget about it. When changing networks, reconnection will occur automatically. You can do even easier – put the plugin for Chrome, which encrypts only web traffic. I made this option for my grandmother.

If you are ready to squeeze the maximum out of the service, then pay attention to the following points:

When VigilantBear is turned on, TunnelBear will block HTTP traffic on unfamiliar networks while it establishes a secure connection, I use it all the time;

If you select Auto in the server list, TunnelBear will automatically connect to the nearest, which means the fastest server;

The tick TCP override allows to use TCP protocol instead of UDP. This technical mamba-jamba means that TunnelBear will work even where the provider blocks the VPN. Judging by Google, TunnelBear copes even with the Chinese Golden Shield;

The GhostBear feature masks your encrypted traffic for normal Internet activity. Such encryption is more difficult to identify and block.

TunnelBear for iOS and Android

To configure, you need to download a free client that installs an SSL certificate. Such a certificate will allow iOS devices to establish a VPN connection automatically, without having to start TunnelBear. To do this, simply activate the item “Connect by request” in the settings.


Bear is cool. This VPN runs smoothly than ever, and at its speeds you can safely watch online TV shows in 4K. When you first install you are given a 7-virgin trial period. Then 1 GB of free traffic monthly. Anything more, already by subscription.