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What are Variants of Using CyberGhost VPN?

The VPN service of CyberGhost is one of the most reliable on the market with a well-adopted user interface that makes protection an easy process. It allows everybody to become invisible via hiding network activity from prying eyes and see information about the access or geographical location of the user. Changing of the IP address is realized on the best available technologies, while the price of the product looks alluring for online safety.

Even though some users know about this VPN via reading CyberGhost free review, currently, the company doesn’t present a costless version. They stopped the free distribution of their product due to the necessity of protection increase, which cannot be done without massive spendings. However, one can assume that the popularity of free version forced them to upgrade revenues level and transform even some “free” clients into paying customers. Nevertheless, we will make a review of the upgraded product.

How VPNs Work?

All the devices connected to the Internet or even to the local network have an IP address for identification and simpler organization of work. Such information can also help to determine the location of the particular user due to known algorithms and service providers. VPN services allow changing IP-address due to several technical transformations that are related to tunneling protocols and multilevel encryption, which makes it impossible to define the basic information. Thus, if one uses a VPN, even a provider cannot determine visited websites, while the host will have a fake IP-address without any opportunity to define the location of the person that used hiding service.

Available Servers

The process of changing an IP-address is possible due to numerous servers that are located in diverse countries, which will be shown to the host. CyberGhost provides successful connections with using servers from different continents, with most focus on America and Europe as the most widespread user addresses.

Using a VPN is a universal decision to protect your data due to technical decisions. Remote servers and overall service encrypt traffic, which means that the transmitted data remains inaccessible to unauthorized persons, for example, when connected to various wireless networks. CyberGhost provides reliable protection from all the kinds of networks, which makes a sense to use it both on PCs and portative devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Work Speed

The series of tests showed a decent speed without severe slowdowns that can impede comfortable work with CyberGhost VPN. It should be noted that the rate can vary depending on your location and server’s one, as distance matters even in the digital world. Some of the servers had support for data compression, which significantly increased the speed of both uploading and downloading data. Thus, the speed of the CyberGhost VPN corresponds to the appropriate levels and can be sure that the product will satisfy all the needs.

Overall Impression

The pricing policy of the company is also appropriate even they stopped free version spreading. Thus, the cheapest variant is below $3 per month if the VPN is bought for three years. Knowing that CyberGhost doesn’t save any logs and have the full protection and provides entire anonymity, that is a pretty good offer. The decision of the company to develop in the security direction looks logical, and compared to previous results (especially for the free version), CyberGhost now is a representative of the most well-known and authoritative VPNs.

Of course, there are some drawbacks, but they mostly depend on the needs and points of view of the person. Thus, someone can admit that speed results are not the best on the market, or several servers and countries are limited. Another can notice that the absence of a free version, even though it may use an advertisement, is a drawback, but the company gives a 45-day money-back guarantee. In short, the regarded product is one of the most interesting on the market, and one should review it if he or she looks for a stable VPN.